Welcome to my website. I started this blog in 2009 while playing basketball professionally in Frankfurt, Germany. It was an easy way to update friends and family back in the States. Plus it helped me remember my experiences.

Now in the working world, the European updates are no more. But I still enjoy tracking the journey. The blog has evolved. Expanding to thoughts on sports, travel, and anything else from everyday conversation.

Thanks to the Matt Meszaros (who will from hereon be referred to as the WebMaster) people can post their thoughts on the site. To all my family and friends, as well as anyone else interested in this blog, feel free to provide us with feedback. Let us know how we can improve, and I will continue to write.


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24 02 2009
David Lubbers


Found your blog from the link at Drake Nation…glad to hear that you’re doing well and had a little time to sightsee. Now get back to the gym 🙂

You and I talked briefly at the Des Moines airport just after Christmas while we were both in flight-delay-hell. I was a Bulldog walk-on from ’84-’86 and now am a feature producer for ESPN’s Outside the Lines.

Looking forward to Drake vs. SIU tomorrow night…senior night for Bucky, Brent, John, Jacob, and Alex. ‘Dogs have won two in a row…maybe a late-season surge in the works?

Best of luck and stay healthy,

– David Lubbers

28 01 2012

I stumbled upon your blog while reminiscing about your great 2008 season. Your team that year captivated me and will go down as one of my favorite teams of all-time. Your story was such an inspiration. You guys achieved so much. I just wanted to reach out and send my regards.


Anthony Salvaggio
Lindenhurst, NY

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