Welcome to the Meatvent

6 10 2010

Ding. Ding. Ding.

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to the Meatvent. At 8PM Central tonight, Man vs Food’s Adam Richman will take the Adam Emmenecker challenge.

After weeks of speculation, the world will finally solve the mystery – can Adam Richman conquer The Adam Emmenecker Sandwich in 15 min?

Watch parties at Jethro’s locations across Des Moines. I’ll be at the original in the Drake area. Come join the fun. Or tune in at home. Either way, it promises to be a show Des Moines gluttons can be proud of for years to come.

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I want to send a big Thank You to Jethros BBQ for helping making all this happen. A special thanks to owner Bruce Gerleman for coming up with the idea and offering to put my name on the menu. A special thanks to Dom Iannarelli for sitting down with me and conceiving this monstrous mound of meat. A big shoutout to all the Jethros managers, servers, and cooks for treating me so well and making Jethros what it’s become today.

And of course, a big thanks to Adam Richman and the Man vs Food staff. It was great to see a behind-the-scenes look at such a production (more on this to come).


5lbs of NBA Playoff Goodness (With a Few Sides)

2 06 2010

As was so keenly pointed out by the Des Moines Register’s Sean Keeler, I’m not keeping up. I sound like a broke record. Anyway. Here’s what’s going on:

1.The WebMaster reached number 20. It seems this blog has become more devoted to his gastronomical feats than sports. In fear of running out of adjectives, that’s all I’ll say about that.

2. Former Drake football player Allen Ussin got his name on the board. Days before departing for a new job in Texas, Ussin labored through all five-pounds of meat and gets a well-deserved photo on the blog. Best of luck Al.

3. This weekend is the Principal Charity Classic. Look for myself, Brent Heemskerk, Luke “The Landlord” Frieberg, and the rest of the LDR’s as hosts around the 17th and 18th greens. The PCC promises to be a great time.

4. I am not looking forward to the NBA Finals. In fact, I will shun the NBA Playoffs like Dwight Schrute shunned Andy Bernard in The Office. I won’t even write about them. I won’t do it.

Ok, maybe because its necessary.


NBA Playoffs, I am disappointed in you. What began with such promise has produced nothing but series after series of disappointment.

In the Eastern Conference’s round 1 we saw two five-game series and a sweep. The only savior was an exciting seven-gamer between the Bucks and Atlanta. More than a good series, it was just a chance to root for an underdog.

Come on. There is no way an undermanned team like Milwaukee, void of its two best players, could defeat a vastly talented Atlanta Hawks squad. Not if both teams played hard anyway.

So why did it go seven games? You tell me, was it

a) Fear the Deer is such an amazing phenomena it could not be denied

b) the Hawks players wanted to remind us that NBA players have way more power than coaches (even sometimes the front office) by the way they continually disrespected Mike Woodson

c) the Hawks roster as a whole just doesn’t care

d) Mike Bibby died, therefore leaving the young and immature Hawk players without a guiding light.

e) All of the above

I vote e). Nothing short of all of those answers could’ve allowed that series to go to seven games.


Speaking of series that won’t go to seven-games, I’m not looking forward to the remainder of the quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup either. Don’t get me wrong, I love playoff hockey. I’m basically Canadian. But, I hate that the Chicago Blackhawks are in the NHL Finals.

My reasoning is two-fold. First and foremost because the Detroit Red Wings and only the Red Wings are allowed to represent the Western Conference. Secondly because the WebMaster and new housemate Jeremy Gehl are Blackhawks fans. The obnoxious yelps for joy watching their team score two goals in 30 seconds. I can’t take it. Not when the Red Wings should be in the Finals.

So yes, the Blackhawks will win. Like the Bucks, Philly is just overmatched. Chicago is too big and too skilled. They even have a better net-minder.

I pick the Flyers to win one game. Blackhawks in five. More importantly, in 2011, the Red Wings and Hockeytown will return to their rightful throne atop the NHL.

I digress.


Moving out West, the first round was a little better. Despite being the two-seed, Dallas couldn’t get the monkey off their back, falling to seventh-seeded San Antonio in six. That was entertaining.

Interestingly enough, every other first round Western series ended in six games too – Lakers over a tough Thunder squad, Utah over Denver, and Phoenix bettering the Blazers.

Second round action proved more of the same. Losing teams won a whopping 2 games combined. We knew Atlanta would get swept. The Lakers were too big inside for Utah. Sweep. And Phoenix finally got over their San Antonio hump. Sweep.

So the team that won … you guessed it, the Cleveland Delontes. Look, Boston never should’ve defeated the Cavaliers. This was supposed to be Cleveland’s year. The fans need it. The franchise needs it. The city needs it. The team is finally put together. Lebron has the pieces. They finished with the league’s best record. Have the league’s best player. And somehow, they seem to get along.

It was smooth sailing in the first round. Round two seemed more of the same. Until the former champion Celtics fought back. And Lebron seemingly quit. Come to think of it, the entire Cavs roster quit. But how? Why?

Enter Delonte West.

Notorious for his bipolar personality, being a red-headed African-American is just the beginning of the statistical anomaly that is Delonte West. West was once pulled over for speeding on his motorcycle while carrying a guitar case. An honest mistake. Except for the fact that the guitar case came packed with two handguns and a shotgun. Delonte, why a guitar case? Why TWO handguns? And a shotgun? And if you knew you were packing like that, why speed on your motorcycle Delonte?

Maybe a little unusual. But he’s a professional athlete. We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. The Cavaliers gave him a second chance.

And how does Delonte repay the city of Cleveland? By becoming the reason for one of the least inspired playoff losses for a superstar of all time. Delonte (you have to read this link)– you may have single-handedly swayed the course of basketball history. Based solely on your actions, Lebron James may defect from his hometown to a new franchise. The city of Cleveland hates you. What did they do to deserve this?


Quick side note – did everyone see the the Kendry Morales freak accident (fast-forward to about a minute in)? What a sad way to go. Early reports suggest he may be done for the year. He’s enjoyed a great two-year stretch and I wish him a healthy recovery. Moments like these make it easy to second-guess traditional celebrations.


Ok, we’re going to skip the conference Finals. After the first two games, there was little question we would see a Boston-LA rematch from 2008.

I liked seeing the Suns with Steve Nash and fellow Saginaw native Jason Richardson get to the Western Conference Finals. They were exciting and fun to watch. But Kobe has been unbelievable. Scoring. Sharing. Playing a great floor game (as much as it pains me to say it). The Suns didn’t have an answer for the game’s best closer.

Unfortunately, I’m not much of a Kobe fan. He’s selfish. Overconfident. Even phony at times. But I can’t deny his worth as a basketball player. Him taking over at the end of Game 6 vs the Suns is one of the best offensive displays I’ve witnessed. Fadeaways over two-three defenders. Over and Over. Like stabbing a knife right through my heart.

Even worse, I don’t see the trend changing. The mediocrity of the playoffs so far suggests a mediocre Finals. Even the historic LA-Boston rivalry can’t save the NBA this time.

Like the Atlanta Hawks, the Lakers have looked disinterested at times. Its just Kobe won’t let them lose. Maybe a game, but not a series.

Earlier in the Eastern Conference Finals, I thought the Celtics would be able to match the Lakers. They have size. They have experience. The Celtics roster is solid.

I am even encouraged by the progress of Rondo. I mean, how can I not appreciate a pass-first point guard, on a team with great scorers, who will do anything he can to get the job done? He’s played great. Even legendary. But, with his running mates showing their age late in the series against the Magic, I can’t see the Celts defeating LA in a best of seven.

My prediction – LA in six.  Maybe the Celts can string a few together. Maybe Kevin Garnett’s legs will be rejuvenated. Maybe the Big Three can go for one more ring. I’m hopeful. But not optimistic.

(Shunning resumed)

The Number 19

8 05 2010

It was a struggle.

I’ve never seen anything like it. Every other time the WebMaster’s workman-like attitude owns the meat.

Last night, the meat almost owned him. Almost.

The WebMaster meets his competition

At Jethros along with myself, Luke Frieberg, one Brent Heemskerk, and MotherMaster, our own WebMaster had a fight on his hands. Choosing to attack The Emmenecker for the 20th time*, he seemed ready.

Earlier this week, he informed me his mother was coming into town. Like all good sons, he wanted to provide  a Mother’s Day gift for the ages. He wanted the MotherMaster to witness a feat of greatness.

We ordered. They knew what he wanted.

The food came quickly and he went to work. Meticulously sprinkling the Hot BBQ sauce for the perfect taste combination. Using the double-handed smash and wide-mouthed munch to devour the meat. I’ve seen it all more than a dozen times.

Halfway through things still looked great. I’d barely started my meal, but the tell-tale signs or greatness were taking shape. His face looked like a mural for grease, cheese, and crumbs. True majesty.

Halfway with much more in store. The awesome glow of grease halo's the WebMaster's enticing mug

It wasn’t until the final few bites that I began to worry. Normally, the WebMaster’s eating prowess allows him to finish mega-bites before I complete my meal. However, as I stared upon my spotless plate, the WebMaster had chomps to go. Plural.

Laboring, he wasn’t himself. He continued to stare at his meat. His digestive tract begged him to stop. Mind over matter. He had to get it done.

One bite. Then another. Then another. The once massive sandwich now seemed so small in the WebMaster’s always steady hands.

Only a few steps to go. But the stomach resisted. He needed a break.

Brent finished his rack of ribs. Luke and MotherMaster sent their empty plates once filled with the Home and Garden Melt. And then there was one.

Struggling over the last few bites he was going to finish. We could see it in his eyes.

Victory! Despite a maybe-just-a-little-bit-bigger-than-normal Emmenecker, the WebMaster got his 19th.

A quick run to the bathroom and we were on our way. Proud mother in tow.(Well, ok. Maybe his run to the bathroom wasn’t so quick. But come on. After that effort, he deserved it.)

In the past 24 hours, I’ve been peppered with texts, emails, and cries of discomfort. The performance was second to none. The pain represents the struggle all athletes endure post-competition. He wins again.

I’m impressed.

Respect. All the respect to you, WebMaster.

*One time (and only one time), the WebMaster did not complete the sandwich. The reasons were legit. I gave him no forewarning. He was in the midst of dominating a large bowl of macaroni and cheese when the phone rang. Thats like asking Evander Holyfield to \ fight Mike Tyson after finishing a three-hour workout. The challenge is enough. Odds don’t need to be stacked against them. But, like a champ, the WebMaster ventured to Jethros to give it a go. And he still complete nearly 3/4 of the beast. This was no ordinary failure. It was a commendable effort and deserves an asterisk for extenuating circumstances.

If It’s A Duel You Want, Then A Duel You Shall Have

1 04 2010

April Fool’s, right? Thats the only explanation. Is this a joke? Did Brent Heemskerk basically just refer to the things I’ve said about him as poppy-cock? Well Mr. Heemskerk, allow me to defend myself.

You, sir, have a presence. Not some of the time. All the time. That presence is undeniable. Yet, it often works in the opponents favor. Of the Sweet Sixteen teams, you played a major role against two prominent big men – Omar Samhan and Matt Howard. In three games trying to overcome your physical and self-described “high-flyer” prowess, the duo combined to score 40 points, grab 26 rebounds, swat 10 shots, and grab 3 steals. Thats an average of 13.3 pts, 8.6 rebounds, 3.3 blocks, and 1 steal per game. They were MEN. Look at the stats. MAN. Yes, basketball is a team game. I whole heartedly agreed, but to blame the stripes on your output is less than fair. I am not bashing Brent, folks, I am merely stating facts.

Oh yes baby. Oh yes.

Seriously Brent, for all I know Randy Bennet drew your picture on the dry-erase board during halftime of the St. Mary’s-Baylor game and said, “Picture Epke Udoh as Brent Heemskerk. He won’t seem so intimidating.” He was searching for a way to motivate his star player. You serve as that motivation. Think Jordan or Lebron entering Madison Square Garden. MSG always gets their best efforts. Though you have yet to reach that iconic status, you are MSG. You helped launch the careers of the aforementioned young men.

In your defense, I understand that big-time players bring it against big-time opponents. The initial intimidation of your sculpted figure entering a gym often produced open-mouthed, awed expressions. Like a young Bill Simmons seeing the “purple” Manute Bol enter the old Boston Garden. So, sure, they brought their A-game. I give credit where credit’s due. But as you said my friend “Hips don’t lie. And neither do these numbers.”

In reference to my blogging proficiency, I’ll be the first to admit my subpar performance. As your crossed-out lines referenced, I was trying to take the next step in life. Previously, my blog was about adventures in life overseas. I didn’t find a basketball job this year. It wasn’t until conversations with the WebMaster that we decided to switch to a new format. I’m proud of where this blog’s went. I mean, you read it. That counts for something right?

Now let’s talk about the sandwich. You are correct, sir, I have only consumed the entire sandwich once. After collaborating with Jethros on the concept, I made sure to consume the entire sandwich and side during the maiden feast. That way, challengers like yourself would not be able to conjure up lies and fabrications regarding the massive sandwich that bears my name. Au contraire.

You are also correct about the WebMaster. He is a champion. Each time I am more impressed. He continues to get better and refine his technique. I can only imagine the self-motivation required to continually train and improve when you are the unquestioned world-champion. Like Usain Bolt, he remains largely unchallenged by the rest of the world.

But my friend, you are incorrect in your assumptions. You say I do not like the taste of my sandwich? Spumoni! I do not often order my own sandwich because of sheer size. As I said, I did it once. Like a movie sometimes you have to understand that the original is so great, a sequel will only tarnish its legacy. It is delicious. The flavors complement each other so well I am salivating just thinking about it. But, the sandwich is supposed to be a challenge. I attempted once. I completed once. While the WebMaster is on another universe far far away from us all, you sir do not have the statistical backing to attack me in such a way.

As for the challenge I would gladly accept. I’ve seen what you can do. (Brent once ate four pounds of apple sauce in under half an hour. Seriously, four pounds. More than a toddler. It was astonishing.) Regardless, I am confident. Shall I call up Matt and Omar to ask for tips? Or does your opponent rising to the challenge naturally come with your stated presence?

Jordan conquered MSG. And with your help, I will conquer this challenge. Sometimes, Brent, you can’t stop it. You cannnnnoooooottttt stop it. Next subject.

In defense of my good name.

1 04 2010

From Brent Heemskerk

Adam, long time reader, first time blogger. Thanks for having me.

I’d like to take this opportunity to clarify a few things, defend my good name, and offer a challenge or two in your direction.

First order of business:

I would like to congratulate you on recently overcoming what can only be described as a brutal (what some even speculated as ‘blog-career-ending’), case of writers cramp. Seriously, thanks for sharing your insight/life with us these past few weeks…prior to that you must have been absolutely swamped doing other things and couldn’t find the time to blog consistently. Allow me to illustrate your efforts by using a graph of your blogging output by month, shown below.

Hips don't lie. And neither do these numbers.

At one point you went 59 straight days without an update…FIFTY NINE DAYS. I can only imagine what you were doing during the time prior to this most recent writing explosion…playing basketball for a living, working a 9 to 5 job, having a full head of hair, being a productive member of society in any capacity…but I really can’t come up with anything…in any case, I’m sure you had your reasons.

Second order of business:

I would like to respond to some malicious comments which were made at my expense.

Exhibit A – 3/26/2010

“Overshadowed by Patty Mills and Diamon Simpson at the time, Samhan was more ogre than basketball player, but still managed to produce 12 pts, 10 rebs, 6 blocks, 2 assts, and 2 steals en route to the Gael’s victory. He DOMINATED Brent Heemskerk who’s alter ego from then on out has been Omar (sorry Brent, it’s public now).”

Adam you and I both know this is quite frankly, a bunch of malarkey. I hardly played in the second half of that game due to some shady officiating, mainly because the refs would not allow a high-flyer like me to outshine someone named “Diamon.” I was forced to watch Omar decimate our depleted front line from the bench, and I instantly became a fan of his tenacity and intangibles (mainly his affection for his teammate Todd Golden). The way I remember it, after that game I pegged him as a player to watch in the 2010 NCAA Tournament. What can I say; I know talent when I see it.

Exhibit B – 3/27/2010

“But then Brent Heemskerk’s subpar performance happened. I knew I was in for a bad night. Shown with Blair Nelson challenging the WebMaster, the three pounds of meat in Brent’s leftovers box were more disappointing than Samhan laying an egg and me wrongly selecting OSU to win a close one.”

Very interesting observation Adam. First off, I too would like to applaud the WebMaster for his gastronomical greatness, he is a man amongst boys. However, I would like to point out that I never would be so foolish as to “challenge” him in anything relating to delicious barbeque. Now, many of you may be thinking, “Maybe Adam was too busy plowing through his own monster sandwich to notice that no challenge ever took place.”

Well, you would be wrong. Dead wrong.

That’s right; Adam Emmenecker did not even ORDER HIS OWN SANDWICH.

I don’t know, maybe he doesn’t like the taste? In any case, I would like the record to state that while I cannot even walk through the same buffet line as the WebMaster when it comes to consumption, it feels odd to be criticized and called-out by someone who can’t stomach their own meat. Perhaps the real root of this unprovoked shot at my manliness comes from the need to cover up for the fact that he picked Saint Mary’s to win the aforementioned game 70-66. Unfortunately the final score was 72-49 in favor of Baylor; hey if I picked a game like that I would be deflecting blame anywhere I could too.

For the record and full disclosure, while we are talking about finishing the Emmenecker Sandwich in one sitting, the scoreboard does read:

Webmaster – 17 (I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is a World Record)
Heemskerk – 1
Emmenecker – 1

Last order of business, a challenge.

I have enjoyed, and occasionally laughed at, your NCAA picks since you began posting them following the second round of the tournament.

I have tallied up your overall record as 8-4?, not too shabby heading into the Final Four.

With that said, of course I think I could have done better. So, I propose a Final Four challenge, your selections vs. my selections, posted for the world a select few to see and judge on this blog.

Secondly, if you want to prove to your readers that you aren’t really afraid of your own sandwich, perhaps we could watch the final game at Jethro’s while each attempting to eat your sandwich.

What say you? The meat is on your sandwich.


30 03 2010

Lyonel Trandor (19:18:31) :

How do you feel about Ali being said to comparatively be the next You? What does being the next Adam Emmenecker entail? Is it possible? How can one get a sandwich named after them

Lyonel, thanks for the comment. To be honest, I’m pretty flattered that people are discussing similarities between Ali and myself. I think we play drastically different styles, but the thing I’ve been most impressed with is his ability to make plays late in games. No matter the situation or how well/poorly he played through the first 38 minutes, he is going to help his team win in the last two. You have to respect that. People across the country now saw what anyone who watched UNI over the last two year’s already knew: Ali Farokhmanesh (yes I put a link to his name to make sure I spelled it right) is one of the best late game players in the country. Period.

As far as being the next Adam Emmenecker… I think thats the furthest thing from Ali’s mind. Playing in the Sweet Sixteen is something I never accomplished. Two NCAA tourney appearances, likewise. Shoot, even starting for two years gives him a leg up on me. The only thing making my situation special (yes this is referring to the sandwich) is having the support of the Drake community. Since our success was so well documented for a variety of different reasons (down year for basketball in the state, it’d been awhile since Drake played in the postseason, etc), it opened up a lot of doors. I’m not sure anyone will put a Farokhmanesh on a menu, but if it happens, just like the Emmenecker, I bet it will be a mouthful.

One Shining Button

29 03 2010

I don’t mean to polish my own buttons, but I just did it – my first perfect day of action, 2 for 2 (I realize it took me a few days and ultimately I was only selecting two games, but still. I’m excited ok? So don’t take that away from me).

After a MSU vs Tennessee thriller, Duke vs Baylor saw Duke returning to the Final Four for the first time since 2004. Even when Baylor finished the first half with the lead, was there ever really any doubt that Duke would win? I thought the Blue Devil’s did a great job of responding with key baskets any time it seemed like the Bears were getting comfortable. Jon Scheyer and Nolan Smith hit three after three to continually give Duke the advantage, not allowing the Bears a chance to build any significant lead.

As we approached the end of the game, Duke, as they almost always do, received a favorable whistle down the stretch. Now, I understand that these guys play smart against a sometimes overly-aggressive Baylor team, but still, watching that game could you justify Duke making 23 of 29 free throws while Baylor only shot 19? Not to mention the fact that Duke made 21-27 in the second half. Yes, I understand that some of those were intentional hacks at the end of the game, but historically that’s the way it works with this team. Not only are you trying to beat the players, you are trying to beat Coach K and the aura surrounding the program. You could see the frustrated looks on the faces of Baylor players. They were fighting an uphill battle.

I’m not saying Duke wouldn’t have won the game anyway (I think they were the better team regardless) but its hard not to notice their favorable whistle.

Duke’s win puts me at a much more stellar-looking 8-4 entering the final weekend of play. I’m hoping to keep this thing going. Check back soon for my Final Four selections.

On to the game I enjoyed watching…

Maybe call this Redemption? Speaking to me winning and Brent actually finishing the sandwich

MSU vs Tennessee

First Half

Both teams off to a very fast start. The quick pace and helter-skelter style definitely favor the Volunteers. However, MSU is doing “man”-‘s work on the offensive glass with 8 offensive rebounds.The Spartans just need to play better defense, not leaving Wayne Chism with open three point looks.

(I put “man” in quotes because of a certain exhibition game during my sophomore season in college. After getting beat badly on the boards by our division two opponent, we got quite a tongue lashing. One of our assistants went off on a tirade about our lack of effort, that went something like this – “You guys are just getting outmuscled, outworked, and outtoughed. These guys are MEN. You are playing against MEN. I mean, look at their stats, number 24, 8 min, 5 rebs, MAN. Number 44, 14 mins, 8 rebs, MAN. Number 32, 10 mins, 7 rebs, MAN. Number 50, 12 min, 9 rebs, MAN. These guys are MEN.” Naturally, this became a historic moment, repeatedly referenced for our team for years to come.)

Very impressed with the pressure of reserve guard Melvin Goins. He’s making life miserable for Korie Lucious. Forced a few turnovers and finished with a couple baskets. He is single-handedly taking MSU out of their offense with his ball pressure.

We have a close, high-scoring game (41-39 Tennessee) going into halftime. Its setting up to be a good one.

PS About a week ago Brent mistakenly referred to Tennessee big man Brian Williams as Bison Dele, as I continued to talk about what a big boy he was. For maybe the first time in his less than stellar career, Brent seemed to be onto something. Especially since Dele’s former name was Brian Williams. Creepy, I know. Ok, if he’s not a Dele-Williams maybe he’s the offspring of David Adkins. You don’t know who that is? Really? He’s very famous. Think. Think. More commonly know as the co-star of Houseguest with Phil Hartman. Yes, David Adkins is Sinbad.

Bison Dele

Brian Williams


Second Half Bill Simmons style

MSU ball. First possession Raymar Morgan jacks a three. For all the talent and athleticism present, he has not been able to take the next step to become an elite player. At times he takes bad shots, makes bad decisions, and looks lost on the defensive end. MSU needs him to play better.

17:14 And don’t look now, as Morgan makes a good strong move to the basket, Brent appears from this kitchen, the leftover sandwich and BBQ sauce in hand. We’ll continue to monitor his status and see if his second effort proves superior to his first.

16:31 After what looked like it should have been a halfcourt violation, Tennessee completes the third backdoor alley-oop to Prince. After this happens twice wouldn’t you think MSU players would learn that JP Prince is looking for back cuts to the basket?

Side Note: Brent Jordan Heemskerk has finally finished the Adam Emmenecker sandwich during round 2. It must have been the specialized BBQ sauce. If he can finish, I can predict this game. Maybe MSU will win afterall. Too bad we all don’t get second chances.

15:31 3 Summers, 3 Chism (Again Raymar Morgan, this is the second time you left him open), 3 Allen, missed 3 Bobby Maze, long 2 Summers and the foul. This is a frantic wide open pace. MSU is making shots now, but it definitely favors the Vols. MSU needs to play at their pace and not let Tennessee dictate tempo. MSU leads 51-50

14:06 Bruce Pearl yanks off his jacket contesting a no-call, revealing his orange suspenders, orange tie combo. You are a braver man than I Bruce.

13:50 Sinbad airballs a free throw. Are you telling me all those scenes in Houseguest were fake? I thought Sinbad could hoop. Hollywood’s so tricky. 51-51

12:16 Big three from Lucious after a great hustle play from Austin Thornton. Though he won’t show up on the stat sheet, Thornton’s hustle kept that play alive after a ten foot jump hook from Delvon Roe draws nothing but glass. 56-51 MSU. Timeout Vols

11:42 Great ball fake, agility, and finish with the left by Day-Day. Bucket good and the free throw. 59-51 MSU. I don’t even want to say this, am I right? (I hate karma, why’d I say anything?)

10:16 Lucious continues to struggle with pressure. This time, from Bobby Maze. To any ballhandlers out there, simplicity is key against pressure. Make the game easy for yourself. 59-55 MSU.

7:44 Day-Day iso from the top of the key against Sinbad. Nice assist to Chris Allen. 61-57 MSU. You know your starting point guard isn’t playing if you isolate your 6’6″ 250-lb power forward initiating your offense from and taking his man one-on-one from the perimeter at the end of the shot clock. Good thing Mr. Green is from Saginaw, MI, home of the versatile athlete.

6:06 Tennessee takes the lead on a nice jump hook by Sinbad. Good position and use of the wide body. We’ve got a game on our hands. 62-61 Tennessee

4:40 GREAT finish by Day-Day another basket and foul. He is MSU’s choice to make a big play. The big fella takes a well-deserved rest before the final four minutes. 66-64 MSU

4:24 Pick-and-roll between Sinbad and JP Prince. Sinbad receives the ball and draws the foul. Prince comes up after the play to hear Sinbad say “Shut the “expletive” up” on national television. He proceeds to miss both free throws including an airball on the second. See, karma. 66-64 MSU

3:57 Athletic finish by JP “Tayshaun’s younger brother” Prince ties the game, 66-66. Setting up for a great finish (have I said that already?)

2:52 Big three from Summers off the feed from Allen. 69-66 MSU. WebMaster’s comment – “This game’s setting up for an onions”. We love Bill Raftery.

1:56 MSU calls timeout after big offensive rebound and dunk from Sinbad. Verne tells us to “buckle up”.

Back from commercial and we get our first “onions” of the tournament (first one we’ve heard anyway). Again, we love Bill Raftery.

1:08 Maze drives baseline, pump fakes, and tosses up a shot… over the backboard. Thankfully, I am not longer the only guard to shoot a layup over the backboard in the NCAA tournament. Please just don’t show Ty Rogers anymore.

0:40 Missed three by Summers at the end of the shot clock. Huge rebound by Morgan (I guess he did step up didn’t he?) giving the Spartans a chance to take the next step to the Final Four

0:28 Apparently getting the rebound was enough for Lucious, as he misses the front end to give Tennesse life. 69-68 MSU

11.2 seconds Day-Day fouls Scottie Hopson, a 60% free throw shooter on a mid-range jumper. Two shots

First one good. 69-69. No doubt about that one. Timeout.

Second one hits the left side of the rim. Ball tapped around… Lucious corrals it.

Green pushes the ball up the floor (why your pg gives up the ball to a power forward, I do not know), finds Morgan (who else?) underneath. Gets fouled with 1.8 sec to go

1.8 seconds Morgan makes the first. Timeout Tennessee.

Brent asks make or miss. Not a bad idea assuming 1.8 seconds is not enough time to get a rebound and a decent shot.

I say make it. They will call timeout regardless. You want as many points on the board as possible. If they have no timeouts remaining, maybe I agree. Otherwise, I don’t think you have anything to gain.

Timeout MSU.

Morgan misses hard off the backboard and iron. Purposefully. Sinbad grabs the board and quickly calls timeout.

Refs check the clock, say 1.6 to go. Tommy Izzo agreed with Brent. Hopefully Brent’s track record of failures does not doom the Spartans.

1.6 Tennessee ball on the baseline. Chism takes it out, Roe pressuring him. Heaves it to Prince near halfcourt. Airball. MSU prevails.

Yes! 1 for 1 today. And a close game, did I say it would be a good one?

Touche Brent. Even though I’m not sure either of us would’ve been wrong, at least it didn’t hurt you this time.

Duke’s turn.