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19 09 2010

As promised here are some photos from the Rauch / Traore Dit Nignan wedding.

Groomsmen awaiting the ceremony . Beautiful weather for an outdoor wedding


Armel in the midst of a tear-jerking speech. Wasn't a dry eye at the ceremony

Brent and Ajay kick-off the reception with their retro-90's dance moves

A classic beginning for Nicole and Armel's first dance as a married couple...

And the fitting end to their first dance as a married couple

Linds and I pause for a photo. What you don't see - former Drake basketball players busting a rug behind camera

Klayton Korver makes an appearance ladies and gentleman. You know its a special occasion if this man shows up

I interrupt a conversation between the former roommates. Something about Jewett, ranch, video games, and bed time...




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4 10 2010
My Maid-of-Man Experience « Adam Emmenecker

[…] second wedding party experience, this one was certainly unique. Sara is one who appreciates life’s subtleties. She’s a […]

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